Songwriter Antonina D' Alessandro was born in Monreale, Palermo, Italy. She was married at a very young age and has been with her husband Angelo D' Alessandro for over 36 years.

She always had a passion for music and her two children. Jessica and Enrico were always her inspiration.

Antonina wrote a beautiful song produced by Joe Vulpis, who also gave a start to a phenomena of our time Lady Gaga.

The track originally was sung by NY Tenor Christopher Macchio in its first incarnation.

It then made its way to producer recording artist Paul Andrejack who later sang on it and added some additional tracks to be released this summer.

Antonina participated in the Suffolk Literacy competiton and was given an award. She also performed with Michael W. Smith in NYC. 

Her passion in life drives her to create beautiful stories about everyday life of different people. She wants to inspire people to love each other and to value relationships. Antonina continues to write and share her gift with her audience.

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